Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things I have learned this year!!

This year has been a very rough year for our family starting out great in January, going kinda sour in March and even worse during the spring, then getting better the first part of November. Believe me when I say we have been learning a lot.
In March of this year Adam was let go from is position with a marketing company in salt lake. And was then unemployed for about two months when he was offered a job in park city ut. He was able to work from home, the pay was amazing and it all seemed to be it the right place at the right time. Although we were so very excited we were not very humble about this opportunity. It was very short lived 36 hours from accepting the job, and two sleepless nights for Adam staying up working, they no longer needed him. (Very sad day) They next few months were not as bad as we had thought they would be. Until August hit when Adam started school, and we were dropped from unemployment because going to school is considered an asset... In September Daniel started to get sick and we were at the Dr. every two weeks for the next three months (mind you we have no insurance...) every visit was about $100.00 and the meds started out at $4.00 and went all the way to $197.00. Adam had so many interviews that we both had lost hope that anything was going to come along. We started to think of ways we could survive if we ended up having NO money at all... We had finally decided to humble ourselves and start to asking for help!! We had then decided to talk to some family and see if we could live with them, and started to let people know how bad we were hurting. At this point we had $13.00 in out checking account, no milk for Daniel and 2 diapers. We had no idea what to do, I was so scared, neither Adam or I ever slept very well, we were not even really talking cause it just felt like at any second life was going to take something else away. So we prayed... The very next day Adam woke up to an email that was from an employer in Provo that said "we have not made a decision yet, but are hoping to extend an offer today." Adam came to me and said "what do you think that means" I had no idea what it meant and that's exactly what I told him. We had learned to not get our hopes up about these things just to be patient. I knew something would come eventually, although scared that it wouldn't. Later that day I was in the kitchen making dinner while talking to Catie on the phone, when out of nowhere Adam yells from the office "I GOT A JOB" To be honest I didn't believe him for a while, still had a hard time feeling like it was for real until the first day of work. I still have a hard time believing that we are always going to have a paycheck and that it really is going to be ok. Adam was not able to drive back and forth to Brigham every day because of the drive so he stayed with his uncle in salt lake. The plan was to do this till we had enough money for a deposit and a first rent. After doing this for about a week Daniel was not handling having Adam gone all week and our plans for not moving changed. We knew that heavenly father would help us if this is what we were meant to do. About a week into looking Adam found a town house in Springville that we loved and wanted so badly to rent. A week later we were sighing a lease. Although the move in date was not till the first of December we at least had a house to prepare to move into. The following week Daniel had an appointment with DR. WOOD (an ENT in Logan) we were going in to see if we could do tubes so he would not be so sick. He looked in Daniel's ears and said his ears were totally retracted there was some fluid but not an infection yet and recommended TUBES, which I was expecting. Then he asked if he had been having any other symptoms? I said while he has had a sore throat, a few sinus infections, wont eat hardly anything except chocolate milk, and he has been snoring a lot worse than he had in the past. Dr. wood then opened Daniel's mouth and said "he has HUGE tonsils" he looked in Daniels nose to only then say "If we are going to put tubes in and he is already asleep I would highly recommend removing his tonsils and adenoids at the same time." My stomach dropped, this was my baby that had been sick for so long and I should have taken care of this sooner I was not expecting this news. We scheduled surgery for December 7th. I have never had to do something as hard as taking a very happy, very wiggly, very sweet little boy to the hospital telling him in the car with tears in my eyes that they are going to make it not hurt anymore. And have that sweet little face that you know is going to be crying in a few hours say "you sad mommy?" Although it's over now and he is almost back to normal, this was by far the hardest most heart breaking experience of my life!!!
Needless to say it's been a very long year... Even though these things I explain sound terrible we made it through, prayers were answered, blessings were given. We are a stronger family than we were a year ago, and I have a better outlook on life. We had nothing but our family to hold on to, and through it all we are so blessed!! I still feel like someone is going to come and take it all away. But I know that the most important things in life are not what you have but who you have to share them with... It is not always easy but if we will trust in faith that heavenly fathers plan ALWAYS has a purpose, I know that we will always have what we need. I love my heavenly father and I am so glad I made this choice to be a part of this wonderful church that has helped me understand so much more than I ever had before. I am so thankful for people that will step out or the normal crowed and give you advise that you may not want to hear (its called tough love.) I have learned to be patient, gentle, humble, to listen, to be attentive, understanding, and more supportive. I strongly believe that through every thing that happens to you there is always something that you can take out to learn. Trust is something I have a very hard time with, that is the biggest thing that I was taught its ok to TRUST heavenly father. Its ok to TRUST people, its really ok to TRUST myself... As we come closer to the end of this very rocky year I am hoping for a calmer year one that does not put my stomach in knots every day. Don't get me wrong I am thankful for this year, but very glad to see it winding to an end!!! Just remember our life's can change so quickly one day you think you have it all figured out and the next day is a different story!!

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