Monday, November 3, 2008


Hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know that Daniel is now seven months old, and doing great. We took him to the doctor this past month and he is 17lb 4oz, and is 25.5" tall. He is growing up so fast.
I waited to post for this month till now, because I wanted to post him in his costume. This year for Halloween Daniel was a puppy. He was really cute with his little ears, everytime he moved his head they would wag... We also let him have a little treat for the first time. He was so excited about it, but... oh did he get sticky!!! It was really fun to watch his eyes as they would get bigger every time he would put the sucker in his mouth.
Any how this past month Daniel has been working on sitting up. Daniel also really likes to hold his blottle, and to scoot around on the floor.
We have also given him his own room and he is doing really well with it. I had originaly thought he would get upset that we were not right there, but he actualy sleeps better all by himself. Although we did have one night when Adam forgot to bring the monotor into our room and we woke up to a very unhappy little Daniel Monster.
Well anyways we are all doing well, although Daniel did catch something the other day. I think that it was just a stomach flu, but it still wasn't fun to deal with. He is getting better now, it was just scary to for us to watch him go through that. Anyhow... well he is up from his nap so i'de better go. Hope that all of you are doing well, and that we may hear how things are going in all of your lives. We love all of you, and will talk more later.
Love Adam, Betsy, & Daniel

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daniel's 6 Months old!!!!

Well we have made it to six months and Daniel is doing great. It has been a fun month. One of Daniel's favorite things to do at church is to be as loud as he can during the Hymns. I think it is kinda cute that he is trying to sing. As soon as the music stops he just sits there and is quite till the prayer is over.

He also loves to roll around. He gets himself stuck up next just about anything that is on the floor and if it is small enough it goes into the mouth. And keeping things off the floor is a bigger task then I had imagined. The other day I was doing laundry and the sheets were all in a pile on the floor and he managed to get himself all wraped up and stuck in them he thought it was the greatest thing. Daniel is also learning how to sit up. Although he can do it, he just has to figure this balancing thing out.
We are not sure how much he weights now or how tall he is cause we missed his Dr. appointment so I will have to send an update later in October.

We have been experimenting with solid food for a couple of weeks now, mostly just rice cereal. But this week I decided to start something new so were trying sweet potatoes this week... He LOVES them!! I was laughing so hard but we did managed to get a few good pictures. I think that next month he might be a little orange in the skin but oh well, he will still be cute. I told him that next week we are going to try squash and he got really excited, so we will see.
We love taking care and raising this wonderful little boy. He is truly a blessing and a handful all at the same time. But I really do enjoy it and I look forward to the days ahead. It is so neat to watch him discover new things. And to see him get excited when Adam comes home from work is really fun. I cant wait for the hugs and the kisses that he will be able to give in a few more months. Being a Mom is truly a blessing.
Well we will talk more later.
Adam Betsy & Daniel

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Count your BLESSINGS!!!!!

Hey I just thought that this was neat. That 7 years ago today was 9-11. I remember everything that I did that day. What I said, thought, felt, and were I went.
As I went outside today I saw flags up and down our street, there were so many you would have thought that the president was coming or something. It was a wonderful feeling to be reminded, that we are free. And that there are horrible but also really wonderful thing that we are given the opportunity to be part of.
Things may not always happen the way we think they should but today just reminded me of all the wonderful blessings that heavenly father has allowed me to have, and entrusted me with. I want my family to know how much I love them and how blessed I am to have them.

Daniel is 5 Months

Hey sorry that this is late but because the 4 month one went out so late I had to wait till something new happened.
So anyways Daniel now weights 16lb 8oz and is 26" tall. His new favorite thing is to roll over, although he gets stuck on his tummy and gets very mad when he cant get back. I think it is kinda funny to watch. So we let him try to figure it out for a few min and then help him get on his back, just so he can do it all over again...
Daniel has also discovered that toys are really fun to chew on especially the ones at the store. On Monday I went grocery shopping and Daniel was with me. He started to get kinda fussy so I told him that he had to wait till we were done and then he could have a bottle. So he kinda settled down. Until we got in to the baby isle... And as i was getting the cans of formula he started to laugh and just smile. So i looked up and saw this toy on the shelf, it had big red ears and a black nose and when you pull his tail it vibrates. So i picked it up and said "Hey what do you think of this" and he started to laugh. I guess that i put it to close to his face cause before i could move it he stuck it in is mouth. So we had to buy it we call him Paches Daniel loves him although he makes Daniel really excited so Paches has to stay in the living room not in Daniel's bed.
It is so much fun to watch him grow and to discover new things. I cant wait to see what he decides to do next.
Well hope that all is going well for all of you and will talk more later.

Love Adam Betsy & Daniel

Friday, August 15, 2008

Daniel is now 4 Months old

Yea... Daniel is now almost 5 months old. Sorry that this is a little late but better late than never, he he.., just kidding. Well you see Adam and i just moved and we did not have any internet or phone till yesterday so now i am getting caught up on some things here and there.
Daniel is doing really well, we went and saw his doctor a couple of weeks ago and he is perfectly healthy. He now weights 15lb and 8oz. He is also 24" tall. Daniel loves to laugh and to just play. He is also teething and should have is first one in with in the next couple of weeks, sometimes he just sits there and cries and i just tell him that it will all be over in a year or so.... Then he just gets louder but oh well.

This past month He figured out how to suck is thumb, toes, and how to kick. He has not rolled over yet but we are working on that. Although he does lobe to stand and jump. So i don't know. Daniel also loves his baths. We recently moved in to a bigger apartment and now have a full size tub. So he does not have to use the baby tub anymore, this is were he learned how to splash and think it is the greatest thing, and loves it when the water gets in his face.
So here are some new pictures of Daniel the one of him playing with is feet was yesterday so it is the newest of them.
I will also try to get some pictures of our house soon it is just such a mess from moving in. If any of you need out new phone number of address let me know and I would be glad to get them to you. Anyways I got to run but I really hope that all of you are doing really well and hope to here from you soon.


Adam Betsy & Daniel

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 MONTHS!!!!

Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know how we are doing. Daniel is now 3 months old and is doing really well. Last we checked he was 13lb 4oz and 23" tall. He is getting bigger with each passing day. It ceases to amaze me at how fast he learns. This past month Daniel discovered that he has a tong, and he loves to stick it out, and lick is gums, it makes him laugh. I am sorry this is kinda a couple of days late but out computer was not working. But any how, Here are some new pictures.
The one of all of us is from Daniels blessing, and the other is just one of him he really likes to takes naps!!
Well I got to run but we are all really looking forward to seeing all of you this week.

Love Adam Betsy & Daniel

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daniel is 2 months today!!!!

Hey everyone I am two months old today!!! And I like to sleep, Mom says that it is ok if I want to sleep cause it helps me to get bigger. Today we went to see Dr. Wilcox and he said that I am doing really good. That I weight 11lb 12oz and I'm 21.5" tall. I have been learning lots, I am trying to hold my head up all by myself, but mom says that I have to be careful cause I only get one of them so she has to hold the back till I learn how to do it myself... I really like to smile, but it makes me really mad when Dad tickles me! I am trying to figure out how to use my hands but they just keep hitting me, so sometimes I just give up and take a nap. Well I got to go Mom says I need a new diaper. Will talk to you guys later.

Love Daniel McGee

Friday, February 29, 2008

Well sorry that it took me so long to start one of these blog pages i just have been so busy latley. so here is a little bit about us. My name is Betsy, I have been married to Adam for almost a year now and we are expecting our first baby in April.
My Husband works for a web design company and loves it. He will be starting school at UVSC this summer. He is very excited about it as well.
I currently stay at home and get ready to have this baby. We have about 7 weeks left and are getting very anxious. Oh and it is a Boy if you are wondering. I will post some pictures here to let you see what we have been up to lately.