Monday, November 3, 2008


Hey everyone just wanted to let everyone know that Daniel is now seven months old, and doing great. We took him to the doctor this past month and he is 17lb 4oz, and is 25.5" tall. He is growing up so fast.
I waited to post for this month till now, because I wanted to post him in his costume. This year for Halloween Daniel was a puppy. He was really cute with his little ears, everytime he moved his head they would wag... We also let him have a little treat for the first time. He was so excited about it, but... oh did he get sticky!!! It was really fun to watch his eyes as they would get bigger every time he would put the sucker in his mouth.
Any how this past month Daniel has been working on sitting up. Daniel also really likes to hold his blottle, and to scoot around on the floor.
We have also given him his own room and he is doing really well with it. I had originaly thought he would get upset that we were not right there, but he actualy sleeps better all by himself. Although we did have one night when Adam forgot to bring the monotor into our room and we woke up to a very unhappy little Daniel Monster.
Well anyways we are all doing well, although Daniel did catch something the other day. I think that it was just a stomach flu, but it still wasn't fun to deal with. He is getting better now, it was just scary to for us to watch him go through that. Anyhow... well he is up from his nap so i'de better go. Hope that all of you are doing well, and that we may hear how things are going in all of your lives. We love all of you, and will talk more later.
Love Adam, Betsy, & Daniel