Saturday, January 10, 2009

Daniel is 9 Months!!

Ok so once again I have lost track of time. I have been meaning to get on and give you all an update but have just not been able too with all the things that have been going on. So I due believe that you are all deserving a much needed update on our little portion of the McGee family. So here goes.
Adam has started school at UVU and is doing really well. I am always amazed that he can be working full time, go to school full time, have a family and still get a 3.6 GPA and have slept through 2 of his finals. How he does it I have no idea!! Well anyhow he is enjoying work as well. Not that far back he received a per motion and now works in the update department. And is now learning flash, and is very excited about it. He is enjoying life and is hoping that he is able to learn more in animation and the field that he is working in. As for me there is not to much that is new although there is some, I have decided to wait on school for right now. But have been taking some cake decorating classes. Adam designed me a web site if you want to take a look I have a couple more cakes that I will be doing this spring and summer. Not including one the end of this month for my sister. It is really stressful at times but I truly do enjoy it. I have also started to take care of some little girls during the week for a sister in our ward. So that is really all that I have been up to.
As for Daniel he has been up to so much lately. In the last couple of months he has continued to eat solid foods and is now just getting use to the different textures, although he really likes bananas and strawberries, peas and green beans are not his favorite, although he does eat them. Around the beginning of December Daniel also learned how to crawl. But then just learning how to crawl only lasted about a week, and he was already pulling up, and trying to figure out how to climb. I think it is kinda funny when he falls I know that sounds mean but he just lays there and the reaction is so funny. Granted we do pick him up when he is really hurt. Any how I really like to watch him learn new things. Daniel is now just starting to figure out how to balance. I do hope that he does not start to walk for just a little longer. Although I don't think that this kiddo is going to slow down for anything!! Daniel has also learned a couple of words. He loves to say DADA. He also says something to the affect of "DAD DO IT." Usually wanting Adam to pay attention to him or something like that. One of his favorite things to do is to wait for Adam to get home from work. He will crawl over to the window pull himself up, to stand there saying DADA over and over. I think its pretty cute. So any how I think that is about all that is going on for now. Well we hope that all of you have had an amazing holiday season. We had lots of fun being around family and thank all that sent cards and gifts, we truly are enjoying them. Daniel received several books and that box of diapers that he asked Santa for. He was quite excited about the diapers!! (he just really only wanted to play with the box, but oh well.) Adam got some books and a Video camera from his parents. I received some totally awesome slippers and a new carrying case for all my cake supplies. It was really fun!! Well anyhow I really will try to make sure that next month is on time. Oh and if there are any of you who did not get a Christmas card from us and would still like one or just a picture of our family please let me know so I can get them sent out. Well I think that this is long enough so I will let you all go and will talk more later.
Love you all very much!!
Adam, Betsy and Daniel